I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and earned a degree in Geography from the University of Oregon. After college I settled in Portland because of a great job offer, and that’s where I met the love of my life. We now have two kids in middle school and two silly dogs.

I spent my teens and twenties frantically setting and accomplishing goal after goal. I found it very stressful to sit still. Then came parenthood. Boy did that rock my boat! I really struggled to find my footing while coping with postpartum depression. But as the kids grew older, and I found the healing I needed, I returned to myself.

When my oldest began middle school I decided to look into returning to work. More goal setting! But one week into it, I found out I had breast cancer. For the next nine months, I had to surrender everything else to survival and healing. Upon waking up from that bubble, I found I felt lost. Aimless. No goals would come to me. I spent the next year with my compass spinning from project to project, without any true passion coming out of any of it.

AIMG_3047nd now, I have decided to give myself permission to pause. To just enjoy each day. If I stumble upon something that sparks interest in me, I will give it a try. And if my day is completely quiet and still, I will be in that stillness. And I am going to document as much of it here as I can, in the hopes that will help me make sense of it all.

Things I know I love and will certainly be writing about here include wine, photography, friendshipping, and the one-day-at-a-time parenting I practice. And sarcasm. I’m told I’m good at it.