So. Much. Wine. Oh and vacation too.

Who goes on vacation, only to go home half way through for a class, and then drives through the night to get back to the vacation? Me. Yes that’s right, Ted and I took the kids to the Oregon coast for the week. But I wasn’t about to let that interfere with my Wine Education.

We came out Monday morning to beautiful weather at the coast. We played in the sand (and then drank some wine), we went kayaking on a local river (and then drank some wine), we visited light houses (and then…   I drove back to Portland to study wine).

It’s not exactly a long drive. It took me about 2.5 hours to get back into the city because the traffic wasn’t great. And it was worth it for the final session of my Introduction to Wine Series. We learned about the differences between Old World and New World wines, cool climate and warm climate and wines, and concluded with a quality tasting.


During this course, I learned a ton of interesting facts about growing, harvesting, fermenting, bottling, and serving wines. It was fascinating. I think a big eye opener for me would just be to remain open. Open to a variety that you have previously had a bad experience with. I really don’t like tannins, so I have stayed away from many varieties such as Cabernet Franc, and I don’t like sweet wines so I have stayed away from Riesling. But I now better understand how to read a wine label or a sales tag write-up in order to find wines that I will like regardless of the variety. Be open.

I enjoyed this month’s experience with wine education so much that I have enrolled in the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 Award in Wines. This takes place next week, and I am quite excited. The horizon before me looks delightful.


And it was a long drive back to our vacation spot last night, but so worth it. The horizon here is looking delightful so we are packing up some snacks to take down to the shore. What new thing have you discovered lately? Any new inspirations lighting you up?


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