Albarino: While Fishing

More homework wine! We took a bottle of Martin Codax Albarino, 2014, to try while fishing this week. What better way to enjoy a new variety?

Well, we weren’t terribly impressed. It was nice, but very mild, so it just felt boring. It had a very mild peachy nose, and then a very mild, dry, almost flavorless palate. The fishing was much better than the wine.


On a better note though, because it wasn’t impressive, we didn’t finish it. Therefore, we opened it again the next day because Why Not. And we were pleasantly surprised that it had really opened up. I don’t think I had experienced this with a white wine before, at least not to this noticeable level.

On day two it had a much bigger body, and the listed tasting notes of pear and apple really came through on the palate, with a much longer finish. I doubt I would buy this again, but it was pleasant. In my experience, a Pinot Noir usually goes with the camp fire much better.


What do you like to drink while fishing or camping?


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