Well today was a landmark day for me. The Pokemon bandwagon is one that I NEVER would have imagined hopping onto, but I did! And it has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done as a parent.

How can that be?? A silly card trading game turned app is that amazing?? I can’t explain it. And I certainly didn’t understand a lot of what I was supposed to be doing. But both of my kids were completely engaged with each other and me at all times, with excitement and laughter.

It all started mid day. Logan had done all this the day before with friends, and he showed me what they had done. We agreed it could be fun for us to do as a family, so I set up my phone and we proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes walking all over the hills of our neighborhood.

It is absolutely something you can do solo, but there is a certain excitement that comes with the back and forth when you are doing it with someone. Your avatars won’t necessarily pick up the same things at the same time, so you can be leap frogging over and around each other. Shouting “hey! look what’s over here!” Unlike Geocaching, where you know there must be something at a specific coordinate, this is a mystery. You get hints that something might be in your vicinity, and can get clues that you might be getting closer, but you really just have to keep wondering in hopes of catching the right spot.

And since the kids have a little experience with the Pokemon cards and video game, they were the teachers here. I have had absolutely no interest in this topic in its other formats. This app makes it so approachable.

I have to admit it was exhausting, so while we waited for dinner and battery charging, I had to indulge. Ted is out of town so I didn’t really want to open a good bottle of wine that I wouldn’t be able to finish, but a couple of fingers of his bourbon seemed like just the ticket.


After dinner we got Devon’s phone set up so she could join in the fun, and then spent almost two hours, well into the darkness, walking in the hills. I seriously wish I had a Fitbit just for the sake of curiosity about how far we walked today. It was far. And it was fun. I can’t wait for Ted to come home from his work trip so we can bring him into the mix.


Honestly, it seems silly, but this was the best. Just good clean fun. Tomorrow they are going to teach me strategies about hatching eggs and evolving monsters or something. I can’t wait. Go Team Blue!


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