I know deep in my soul that I am a city girl. I Need to live within walking distance of groceries, libraries, coffee, friends. But I also recognize the importance of children having regular interactions with animals and hard work.

I really value my own childhood experiences with horses and other farm life. So off and on for many years both of my kids have taken riding lessons. Because we do live in the city, this means long drives out to the barn where we see our favorite large friends.


Lately the tween has been riding a quarter horse named Latigo. He is super chill and has a smooth trot. One of the most valuable things my girl is learning from riding is to be bold. Her demeanor is usually very soft and hesitant, but when riding, you have to be clear with the horse on what you want it to do. Subtle, but clear.

The teacher is delightful. She is very gentle and patient with the kids, and kind and loving with the horses. In these pictures you might be able to see the bridle she has them use is called a Hackamore. Rather than having a bit, which goes inside the mouth, it puts gentle pressure on the sides of the nose.


What are your favorite childhood experiences with animals?



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