That Is The Question!

I’ve heard it time and again:

“What wine is good?”

“What wine should I drink?”

“Tell me which wine is best.”


Okay here is the deal: does it taste good to you? Are you enjoying it? Do you think: yum? Then that is the wine for you, for right now. That’s the one you should drink, at this point.

Tonight I poured a glass of French Pinot Noir that had come highly recommended. I love a typical Willamette Valley Pinot Noir: cranberries, black cherries, big finish but light on the tannins. The wine in my glass, however, was not that.

So here was the question: to dump it or not to dump it. I mean, I had paid good money for this wine. I had been told it was delightful. It was right in front of me, waiting to be drunk. But each time I took a swallow, my mouth and nose puckered up in a lemon-like grimace. And so my philosophy is dump it. Down the sink it goes. Because really, if you aren’t enjoying it, don’t bother.

Have you ever dumped an entire bottle of wine because it just didn’t do it for you?


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