I was gonna be a C.J.

I think it started with L.A. Law. I didn’t particularly care for any of those characters, but they talked fast and with authority and most importantly, they Got Things Done. I had it all visualized. I would become Someone with Authority. Now when I look back, it was really more of a C.J. Cregg thing that I was aiming for. She wasn’t on the scene yet but that is where I was headed in my mind.

The summer before my senior year in high school I had an internship at the United Nations in New York City. It was the best experience I could possibly have imagined at that point. But somewhere after that I got sidetracked. I ended up getting a degree in a soft science. And by the time it was done, I was so Finished with the school scene that I couldn’t imagine continuing into grad school.

And then the white-collar world of sitting in front of a computer all day just sucked the life out of me. It didn’t feel like I was Getting Things Done at all. I made a run for the exit after only four years.

Elizabeth McCord strikes that same note in me that C.J. Cregg does. They are my alter ego. By day I am a stay at home mom in a sleepy neighborhood on the edge of the city. My primary concerns are the antics of my teen, the delicacy of my tween, and What to Cook for Dinner. By night I am strong arming foreign diplomats or intelligence officers to the will of the leader of the free world. Boom!


2 thoughts on “I was gonna be a C.J.

  1. Nailed it! I think you speak to many of us who struggle with doing meaningful work (for pay and not). Also with “work-life balance” – whatever that means.

    I look at all the high-powered folk in my various professions and I think how intoxicating it would be to have that kind of authority and influence. And then I think about the hours they work and the pressure they’re under, and how I get to close my computer and go outside every day, how I mostly get to enjoy my life and mostly don’t have those problems. I don’t want to open that door.

    But I can’t deny I’d like to be as cool as CJ.

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